The Vision of raterr

Posted by the team • Fri 8th Mar 2019 @ 9:30PM

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So, raterr is about building connections and making friends, but what does this mean and how do we differ from others? There are a few things that we love about raterr that competitors don't often highlight or possibly understand, and today we want to set out: What exactly are we wanting raterr to be?

1. Safe

We want raterr to be safe, a place free from subliminal advertising, propaganda and NSFW content. We have invested in software for detecting inappropriate content and removing it from the platform before anyone sees it. Additionally, all content on raterr is able to be reported to our Moderation Team, whether it be

  • User Profiles
  • Posts
  • Instant Messages
  • The whole shebang!

2. Ad Free

We don't want to have ads on raterr. We just don't. We're strongly looking into alternatives to advertising to fund the platform and operate as fluently as possible, ensuring you see what you want to see, and not see bloat that you're probably not interested in.

3. Private & Privacy Focused

As we previously wrote about in our privacy blog article, we have strong privacy settings enabled for all those younger than 14. Additionally, we're fully compliant with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) and GDPR laws. This means that:

  • Children under the age of 13
    • A parent or carer must activate the account through an email we send to them
    • Parents/Carers have access to deactivate child accounts up until they turn 13
    • Parents/Carers can view all data we store on their children through our Parental Controls
      • Additionally, Parents can use our Parental Controls to temporarily deactivate accounts or manage & delete content without being necessarily intrusive towards the user
    • We will NEVER collect any unnecessary data from children, and will never use any data collected on them for data processing
    • Their accounts cannot use our OAuth features for any non-certified app, meaning that children cannot allow third parties access to their raterr app (e.g. games, phone apps) without a raterr team member approving the app first and us doing a background check on the company to ensure they are compliant with COPPA and meet our internal safety requirements.
  • All users anywhere in the world can request ALL the data we store on them every 3 days.

4. We wanna listen

We want to offer our users the experience they want, not what we want. We're open to feedback and suggestions through various means, allowing our users to tell us what they want. We'll be engaging with our community, speaking to you and listening. Essentially, we want you to be able to speak to us, regardless of who you are: new to the platform or a major influencer. Everyone is important and it's often the best ideas that come from people who we wouldn't expect to hear it from...



We're really optimistic and positive about raterr, and want it to be the best it could be for you. We have some really exciting news planned, including a first peak of raterr coming soon. Keep an eye on our blog & other social media pages until then!