Keeping you and your data safe: Account Security & Privacy

Posted by the team • Fri 22nd Feb 2019 @ 9:00PM

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We all know that over the course of the last two years there's been quite a bit of controversy surrounding many social platforms & their data protection and account security.

Here are a few key things we make clear with raterr.


Your data is yours

It's not anyone else's, and it's important. We know this and need to ensure this is true.


There's a lot of safety checks we have on our account's. Of course, these are secure environments but some mandatory requirements on all accounts are:

  • Users must be of least 12 years of age
  • All users between the age of 12 and 14 have privacy mode automatically enabled
    • Privacy Mode means that only the name, profile picture and a few other 'parts' of a profile are shown.
  • Users aged 15-16 are strongly encouraged to have privacy mode enabled. Users are able to make their accounts public, however, accounts may still be restricted.
  • All users under the age of 16 cannot be seen on search engines

Something that is often seen in the press and what people may be confused about is "Data Profiling". It's quite important to discuss this due to the sensitivity and information about this.


Data Profiling

Data Profiling refers to companies (in this case, us) using your data to try to work out your personality, who you are, what you enjoy and don't enjoy. Of course, it's quite a bit more complex than that in terms of how it works, but it's used by a lot of social media companies to show you things on your 'Timeline' that you may have more of an interest in. The problem is, this requires that we log a lot of data about what it is you do on raterr.

We don't want to do this. We aim to give you a great experience without being intrusive. Subsequently, at this time, we will not be using any form of data profiling on raterr, and will use alternate methods when showing user interactions & info.

Accessing your Data

We want to be transparent. Because of this, raterr has tools which lets you download all your data in HTML & JSON format, along with being able to view the vast majority of your data on raterr from the Privacy Settings (a few things are redacted for security), which you can do any time you want so you can keep on track with what it is we're storing about you.

Account Security

Whilst all the safeguards are not public, raterr supports both

  • Email Code Verification, and
  • Two-Factor Authentication

These allow you to stay safe & secure on raterr with platforms and clients you already use. We also plan to support more secure authentication methods along with having a lot of internal checks on accounts when logging in. Your account should be yours and we don't want you accidentally getting 'hacked' due to any mistakes which may happen.



We have a heap more to share within the next few weeks, and it's great to see the support over the various platforms so far for! For other sneak-peaks and updates, follow us on any of our social media platforms!