Tech: How raterr works

Posted by Phil Gibson (Chief Technical Officer) • Fri 8th Feb 2019 @ 6:25PM

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As you may have gathered from the news and information about raterr that's been published so far, raterr is a fairly large project. In this news article, I'm wanting to share a bit about how raterr works from a technical POV, from how we deliver content to our redundancy methods.

Webservers & Rendering

All our webservers run nginx, primarily due to its support, reliability, efficiency and (relative) ease of use. Initially, back in 2017 when raterr was first conceived we started writing the application and website with the server software 'Apache', which went about as well as something that didn't go very well.

The actual content is powered by Laravel running PHP 7 & MySQL. Whilst PHP has always been quite controversial due to its relative inefficiency to perform operations, we've found it a breeze to work with due to its rapid deployment, ease of use, the - with Laravel - super-easy setup and scalability of it.

Content & User-Uploads

Whenever you create an account, login or reserve a beta name, all of your data is currently being stored on raterr's servers, running MySQL (as previously stated) and InnoDB, whilst storing cache in redis & some userdata in MongoDB (such as the Instant Messaging cache).

All uploaded images, posts & moods (see news article), however, run through the Google Cloud Platform through our CDN (, primarily due to the speed and scalability of the network, giving us one less thing to worry about in the long-term.

Moderation & Internal Tools

Whilst I'm not able to comment too much on this, I'm able to say the following about raterr's servers:

  • We use git for Version Control running GitLab servers (they are ❤🔥)
  • For statistics and monitoring we use Grafana and Google Analytics
  • For Moderation & Content Management - including the tools I'm using to write this article - we use a fork of the "Voyager" control panel


I hope if you have any idea what any of this means you found this informative, and thanks again for using and checking out raterr!