Updates & FAQ - 14th January 2018

Posted by the raterr.io team • Mon 14th Jan 2019 @ 11:38PM

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We have a few things to cover in this blog post, including responding to your questions, some updates we've been doing internally and a bit more information about raterr.


Thank You!

The first thing we need to say is a huge thank you for all the support we've received, with 5x as many beta registrations as we had originally anticipated at this stage. Your support, dedication and eagerness to see our platform means much more than we could possibly put in words. 💖

Questions & Answers

We've received quite a few questions over the last two weeks about raterr, we'll aim to answer the top 5 in this update post to share what we can about the platform...

What is raterr?

We're not quite ready to disclose exactly what raterr is, but what we can say is raterr is a form of social media platform, designed around what teenagers tell us they want for social media.

Beta when?

We're currently unable to give an exact date for the launch of our beta, but we aim for it to be "some time" during 2019. We understand the frustration that people get when we aren't able to be precise on stuff like this, but we want it to be good for you before we let people on it.

Will it be on the app store?

Yes. We currently have plans to support the Play Store & App Store and are looking into support for other app stores, such as the Amazon App Store.


Due to the nature of the project, we don't have a central Discord server (We do have other social media! Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram). We do, however, have a gaming community which will definitely have a presence on Discord!

Concept for Discord Server with @gaming community

Can I help?

We're always looking for people to join our Engineering & UX teams. We're also looking into publicising the information for our community moderator team soon. More details to follow.

We're doing stuff, promise!

We're constantly working on raterr with every spare moment of time we get. If you'd love to speed up the process & have experience with making stuff to do stuff and stuff, let us know! Our jobs page has our paid and voluntary positions for raterr.


Thanks again for all the support you guys are giving to us, and we hope this answers a few questions.


Want to ask your own question?

Let us know via any of our social media platforms, or by letting any raterr staff member know what you want to know, and we'll try our best to incorporate it into one of our blogs like this.