Welcome to raterr

Posted by Isabella Woods and Phil Gibson • Tue 1st Jan 2019 @ 12:00AM

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Hidey Ho!
Throughout the entire year of 2018, CheatCode Media Team C has had a project under production. We are finally proud to announce: raterr.io!

What is raterr?

raterr is a social networking platform which we aim to be based around what we hear you saying you want, from what we've learnt and found using social media ourselves as consumers on a daily basis etc.
This is something we're super-duper excited about, something we've been wanting to develop for so long and has been a reality thanks to our supporters.

So, what now?

Currently we aren't ready to take raterr fully public, but you can Reserve your Username! Go to raterr.io/beta, type in your email & desired username and we'll let you know at a later date how to register that name!

We're super duper excited about raterr, and we hope you are too!

Thanks so much for your support, dedication and for just using our services throughout 2018, it's you who've made this possible,
Isabella & Phil
CheatCode Media Group Co-Founders